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firstsectionMonongahela River Valley Attractions and Amenities 

Note: this list does not represent the entire inventory.


  • The Monongahela River
  • Ten Mile Creek, Fredericktown
  • Cheat River, Point Marion


  • Greene River Trail, Rices Landing to Fredericktown
  • Nathanael Greene Trail, Greensboro
  • Sheepskin Trail, Point Marion to Morgantown
  • Mon River Trail (Caperton), Morgantown, Star City
  • Cheat Lake Trail, Morgantown

Public Parks:

  • Bowers Park, Fredericktown
  • Pumpkin Run Park, Rices Landing
  • Point Marion Community Park
  • Monview Park, Glassworks/Greensboro
  • Wyatt, Mechanic Street, Szalay Community and Rotary Park, California
  • Ten Mile County Park, Marianna
  • Patsy Hillman Park, Brownsville
  • Hazel Ruby McQuain Park, Marilla Park, Morgantown
  • Edith Barill Riverfront Park, Star City

Lock and Dams: 

  • Point Marion Lock and Dam
  • Charleroi Lock and Dam
  • Maxwell Lock and Dam
  • Gray’s Landing Lock and Dam
  • Morgantown Lock and Dam
  • Hildebrand Lock and Dam
  • Opekiska Lock and Dam

Historic Landmarks:

  • National Historic Districts, Brownsville, Greensboro, Rices Landing, Charleroi
  • Friendship Hill National Historic Landmark
  • Nathanael Greene Log House, Greensboro
  • Dunlap Creek and Cast Iron Bridge
  • Nemacolin Castle
  • W. A. Young & Sons Foundry and Machine Shop, Rices Landing


  • Frank Melega Art Museum, Brownsville
  • Transportation Museum, Brownsville
  • Donora Smog Museum, Monongahela
  • Monongahela River Buffs Museum, Monongahela
  • Museum of Geology & Natural History

Public Launches:

California, Point Marion, Greensboro, Rices Landing, Charleroi, Monongahela, Brownsville, Fredericktown, Star City, Morgantown

Public Docks: 

  • Brownsville Wharf
  • Fredericktown
  • Rices Landing (ramp temporarily closed)
  • Point Marion
  • Monongahela
  • Morgantown, WV
  • Star City, WV


  • Point Marion
  • Greene Cove Yacht Club, Millsboro
  • Sunset Marina, Millsboro
  • Engle’s Holiday Harbor, Millsboro
  • Smitty’s, Lower Speers
  • California Boat Club, Coal Center

 Other Attractions: 

  • Monongahela Aquatorium
  • Wharf District, Morgantown
  • Forks of Cheat Winery, Morgantown


  • California University
  • West Virginia University