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Capturing Opportunities . . . Once bustling communities filled with the soot and fire of the coal and coke era, the residents of the towns along the Monongahela River are looking at that water corridor with new eyes. The vision is of a river that will offer residents and visitors access to this waterway for outdoor recreation - kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, fishing and more.

That vision goes further as "river towns" turn and look back into their communities and see cultural and heritage assets and commercial building stock in a new light. Places for businesses that support the emerging river recreation as well as restaurants and coffee shops, lodging, unique shops and other tourism related services to grow and prosper.

Capturing Opportunities in the Mon River Valley means a new vibrancy. The community leaders engaged in the Mon River Valley Coalition are change agents. Their vision and work will be a rebirth - creating a new economy that will breathe life back into towns - recapturing their past and moving into a brighter future!

he Mon River Valley Coalition was launched in 2013 and over a dozen communities bordering the Monongahela River now participate. In 2014, a Five Year Action Plan was developed by Coalition members which set priorities for their work. This plan can be found here.

The directors of the National Road Heritage Corridor and the River Town Program lead this effort. For more information on the work of the Mon River Valley Coalition, contact:Donna Holdorf, Executive Director, National Road Heritage Corridor,
Cathy McCollom, Director, The River Town Program,

Since the Coalition launched, the Action Agenda has been updated as early projects have been completed. Key priorities over the next few years include attracting outdoor recreational businesses to the Mon River Valley as well as visitors to experience the Mon River in new ways. The Action Agenda for 2016-2019 can be found HERE.

Group of 40 Ventured Out to the Mon Valley for Fresh Salsa and Farm Tour


Last season, Rices Landing Borough was unable to open the public launch and dock due to significant silting of Pumpkin Run, a tributary off the Mon River. Rices Landing Borough, working with the River Town Program and with the support of Representative Pam Snyder, has successfully secured funding through the Greenway, Trails and Recreation Program, a program of the Department of Community and Economic Development. This funding will be used to dredge the Pumpkin Run launch area to ensure public access to the Mon River next season.

The River Town Program, the National Road Heritage Corridor and the Mon River Valley Coalition, continue to explore methods to address the growing silting problem along the Monongahela River. Please feel free to offer suggestions on the River Town Program Facebook page.

Paddling the Monongahela River will be made easier this spring, when three new canoe and kayak launches are installed in Fredericktown (at the old Fredericktown Ferry Site); Monongahela (next to the Aquatorium) and Charleroi (next to the old high school football field). A fourth launch and public dock was installed in the River Town of Star City last year and the Morgantown Area Paddlers have made great use of it since. Join this active paddling group next year and any one of their frequent paddles. Follow them on Facebook at